Fostering an Efficient Workforce

Take a few minutes and see what you can do to improve efficiency levels in your office.

Provide Comfort Through Office Space Planning

Office with an open floor plan, desks in the center of the room

Office workers will work more efficiently when they are happy with their work environments. When workers feel uncomfortable at their desks, they are more likely to get distracted while working on a big project. Fortunately, there are some ways to create a more positive work environment.

To run a productive business, you need to foster an environment in which people can work efficiently. Workers need time for assignments, as well as a comfortable work environment to get assignments done in a timely manner. If one department starts facing efficiency problems, other departments will be affected.

First, outfit your office with ergonomic desk chairs to reduce the risk of muscle strain around the office. Next, move furniture around to create more walking space around the office. It is harder for people to get stressed out when they have a lot of leg room to work with.

Poor lighting can make workers less efficient too, since it can result in eye strain. Try to buy better bulbs, or opt to introduce more natural lighting by opening up the blinds.

Reward Hard Work

Two women eating dinner with white wine outside in town.

People love to be praised, and they will do everything in their power to earn more praise.

Office workers are willing to work harder when they can get a little extra something for putting in the effort. If your employees wrap up a tough project with flying colors, do not be afraid to offer them extra cash bonuses. This lets them know you appreciate their hard work, and will motivate them to keep the streak going.

You are not even limited to offering cash bonuses. You could take everyone in the office out for dinner or drinks, and you could give everyone an extra day off. With rewards like these on the line, your workers will put as much effort into their assignments as humanly possible.

 Reduce Your Time in Meetings

large conference room table with one employee giving a presentation.

Meetings are a great way for office workers to join together and see how projects are progressing. However, meetings also keep people from their work, since everyone needs to focus on the topics being discussed. When you hold too many meetings in a short period of time, your team will not have as much time to finish assignments.

Focus on holding one status meeting each week to check on progress. For other meetings, try to wrap them up in a short amount of time so people can get right back to work. If you need to check up on someone, send an email to see what is going on.

With our current technology, there is no need to hold a meeting every time you have to check the status of a project.

Allow for Flexible Work Schedules

Man working on his laptop in a night setting with reflecting lights.

It is important to note that some workers are not as efficient during regular work hours. Some people are more productive early the morning, and others are more efficient in the late hours of the night. To get around this, you could try to offer more flexible work schedules.

If someone works better in the morning, let that person come in early, and let them leave in the afternoon. Thanks to advances in office technology, we have the ability to work remotely, which also helps in this area. Someone can come into the office in the afternoon, and finish work at home during the night.

Some may not like disregarding the 9 to 5 schedule, but times are changing. Adjustments need to be made to appeal to the current needs of workers.

Not satisfied with your office’s current design? We can help you design a layout that will make your workers a lot happier.