We Have a Custom Pricing Structure:

Based on your order history and ongoing communication with you, we tailor an aggressive discount price structure for your most frequently ordered items. As your needs change, we will adjust ensure that you always get great deals on the products that make the biggest difference in your budget. In addition, we have invested in a state-of-the-art online ordering system and developed programs such as Purchase Assist, which provides our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost. It is your professional buyer, your personal consultant and budgeting expert – all rolled into one.

Business Reviews:

Our experienced professionals will identify problems within a company’s purchasing habits. Using reporting we can provide you easy to read usage reports that will break down what you purchase, how many and at what price. We show you your usage sorted contract versus non-contract. We provide it dollar descending so that you clearly see what percentage of your gross dollars goes to most often purchased products.

Summary Billing

All orders and billing go through a central processing system. Our centralized database ensures complete data integrity – no matter where you are located or how you are billed. Summary Billing is available using three organizational levels through the Big Cat Solutions account database structure. Typically, our customers want billing summarized by their ship to locations, purchase order numbers and/or cost centers. We will provide billing summarized the way you want it. Summary Billing packages allow easy accounting for, and allocation of departmental expenses. Summary Billing consolidates daily purchase activity into a manageable time period.

  • Select the billing cycle – weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, custom-cycle
  • Choose the sorting sequence – ship to location, your PO number, cost center or department
  • Decide how you want your package to page break – ship to location, your PO number, cost center or department or invoice number

All of our Summary Billing packages come with two copies and are broken down into three levels of detail (Expense Allocation Report, Detail Section, and Remittance Advice) to help streamline your payables process.

Usage Reports

Usage Reports, give you exact information on your purchases, total expenditures, unit costs and item status. These reports may be categorized by location (consignee), department (cost center) and consolidated. The consolidated reports will reflect total purchases for any specified period of time.

All of the Usage Reports are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. To satisfy standard auditing requirements, each report includes data for both the current and year-to-date periods. Information is presented in a variety of formats, including descending and ascending dollar volume, order frequency, merchandise class, and vendor.

Invoice Files

Big Cat Solutions provides customers with multiple billing solutions designed to effectively guide and manage your payables process. Working directly with your organization, we help you determine the best method suited to your individual business needs. Often times this can involve a custom approach based on delivery method, billing cycle, remittance and customer codes.

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