Improving Workplace Ergonomics & Employee Health 

Having a safe and healthy work environment is crucial if you want to keep your employees happy and productive. If you are looking to correct some health problems in your facility, you should take advantage of our ergonomic office assessments. During one of these assessments, one of our office design experts will come and evaluate your facility. 

At this time, the expert will highlight issues that could be hindering the capabilities of your workers, and explain how to fix them. Learn about some common ergonomic issues you can correct by signing up for an office assessment. 

Being Stuck With Uncomfortable Office Chairs

A prominent cause of poor workplace ergonomics is using office chairs that are made from cheaper materials. Employees who aren’t comfortable using their current office chairs will be unhappy, and won’t be able to stay productive. This can drastically impact how much work gets done over the course of the work week. 

Selecting the right office chair isn’t always easy, but doing so is needed if you want employees to stay productive. Office chairs should be made from comfortable materials, and should offer lumbar support for the back, among other things. If you think you need to replace your office chairs, our experts can help you find the best ones for your workplace.

Poor Posture Due to a Poorly Laid Out Workspace

mployee Working, at a Desk With Plants, Books & More

Another common cause of health issues for office employees is a poorly organized workstation. The way office workers set up their keyboards, monitors, and work supplies can affect how they position themselves while sitting down. 

For example, workers can start to slouch and twist their necks if their monitors are set too low. Not to mention, people can also strain their arms if their keyboards are too far away. Having poor posture over a long period of time can have long-term effects on a person’s health, so having an organized workstation is crucial. 

Our experts can help your employees reconfigure their workstations so they can improve their posture. One way is by recommending new storage options that workers can use to keep their desks clear of clutter. They can also show them how to properly position their monitors and keyboards. 

Failing to Use Natural Seating Positions

Even if an employee’s workstation is organized, muscle strain can still be an issue. This is because many office employees fail to use natural positions while sitting at their desks. Sitting in awkward positions can put strain on the muscles, and make employees lose motivation. 

If we find that your employees are not employing natural seating positions, we can show them how to. Some elements of a natural sitting position include: 

  • Keeping your head above your shoulders, without tilting it forward or back. 
  • Keeping your feet flat on the floor. 
  • Using armrests when possible. 

Risk of Obesity From a Lack of Movement

Obesity is another risk to be aware of at the office. The average workday is 8 hours, which means office workers will be sitting down for almost a third of the day. This prolonged period of sitting can result in several issues, such as increased weight gain, as well as the weakening of muscles. 

If our experts find that office workers are sitting down too much, they will recommend healthier habits for them. They will recommend that workers get up every hour or so to stretch or go for a walk. We might also recommend sit-stand workstations for your office, since they give people the option to stand up while they work. 

Strain From Applying Too Much Pressure

Using a Computer Mouse, With a Light Grip for Less Stress

Many people have a bad habit of applying an excessive amount of pressure while working at the office. For example, someone might cling on to their computer mouse too tightly, or press down on the keyboard too hard. Applying too much pressure during workhours can cause employees to strain their muscles and tire out quickly. 

If this is a problem in your workforce, our experts can teach your employees how to apply less stress. We can show workers the proper way to hold onto a computer mouse, and keep them from exhausting themselves. 

Big Cat Solutions can help you create a healthier work environment for your employees.
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