Why Are Promotional Items So Helpful?

For business owners, branded promotional products are among the best tools for spreading brand awareness. By giving away custom products at trade shows and other events, you can share your logo with thousands of potential customers. They don’t cost a lot to buy either, so you can expand your reach without breaking the bank.

Continue reading and see why promotional products are beneficial tools for businesses.

They Are Practical, & More Enticing Than Business Cards

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One of the best things about promotional items is that they have more staying power than business cards. Business cards simply exist to promote companies, and serve no other purposes. At the end of an event, attendees may have a surplus of cards, and will likely toss the ones they don’t need.

On the flip side, the custom products people give away have practical uses. Pens, clothes, cups, and notebooks are given away often, since these are items people can use in their daily lives. As a result, people are more likely to hold onto them, even if they don’t plan to work with the company later.

Essentially, anyone who sees another person using your custom product could become one of your clients in the future.

People Rarely Throw Them Away

Promotional products have many practical uses, so people rarely throw them away. According to BrandonGaille, 41% of consumers will hold onto them for at least five years. So if people don’t toss promo items, what to do they do when they have no interest in keeping them?

Most people will give them away to family members or colleagues. For example, someone could give away a branded pen from your company to a friend who needs a writing utensil for work. This keeps the promo product in circulation, and you can keep promoting your business to new people.

CTAs & Lead Generation

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Another benefit to using promotional products is that you are able to generate better leads for your company. Depending on what item you are offering, you can add a concise call-to-action (CTA), along with your company logo. An example of this would be a URL for your company’s website.

If people enjoy the products you give away, they will be more inclined to follow that CTA to your site. This could lead to sales, and when everything is said and done you will have more loyal customers for your business. A promotional product with a good CTA is a powerful combination.

They Help Create Good Publicity

It’s common knowledge that people like to receive free things. Giving away gifts at conventions and trade shows will start you on the right foot with potential clients. If people like using your promo products, they will get a good impression of your company, which could lead to positive word of mouth.

Promotional products don’t just have to be given away at events either. You can also give them as gifts to some of your most loyal customers. This creates goodwill between you and your customers, which will keep them coming back. On top of this, customers might start recommending your business to their friends.

You Get Low-Cost, High-Value Marketing Tools

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The other great thing about promotional products is that they are usually quite cheap to buy. You can buy them in bulk without having to spend a lot of money. This makes promo products more cost-effective marketing tools than many other options available today.

Don’t forget, these items have strong staying power, and can promote your brand long after you give them away. As a result, you are getting a lot of value out of each promo items you buy.

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