Most businesses do not realize that printing costs can account for a good amount of the yearly budget. Between the costs for paper and printer maintenance, printing expenses can get pretty high. Thanks to advances in technology, reducing paper costs has never been easier.

If you want a better way to manage your printing output, you can partner with an outside company through managed print services.

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About Managed Print Services

The majority of companies focus on printing documents to some degree. It is very important for companies to find printing solutions that work for them, since printing costs can take up a good chunk of your budget. While some companies can manage their printing output in-house, others simply do not have the resources to do so.

BCS is one of several companies to offer managed print services. Through managed print services, we can manage your document output for you. We will work on getting efficient printers for your workers to use, while also keeping track of your printing expenses by monitoring your set of printers. This takes printing management out of your hands, giving you more time to focus on different areas of your business.

How the Process Works

Managed print services typically begin with an assessment of your business’ needs. This allows us to learn useful information, such as which devices are used the most, and if these devices are poorly placed in your office. Once your needs have been detailed, we will take the steps needed to bolster your printing output.

Our Data Collector Agent (DCA) will collect data from your printers so we can locate potential problems before they affect your devices. Printers will be placed in more accessible areas to help improve workflow around the office, and inefficient devices will be taken out in favor of more powerful ones. Through automated fulfillment, you will be able to restock on toner and other important supplies when you run low.

As time goes on, we will continue to optimize your printing output it remains efficient for years to come.

Benefits of the Service

The primary benefit of this service is that businesses can save a lot of money in the long-term. Since you have someone monitoring your printing equipment and expenses, you can quickly figure out if changes need to be made. Through effective optimization of current and future assets, your business can cut printing costs significantly.

Since the process of replacing inefficient equipment is streamlined, productivity in the office increases, as you can get your hands on faster and better printers. Since someone else is handling maintenance on your printers, you have more time to focus on other important tasks. Lastly, this service helps you make more efficient use of your printing devices and supplies, so you end up reducing your business’ overall carbon footprint.

Other Details

In regards to specific details about BCS’ managed print services, here are some things you should know. BCS offers onsite service, so if you have printer trouble you can get help on the next business day. Individual asset tags are also provided, making the internal delivery of printer supplies much more efficient.

Key personnel will also have access to the My MPS Portal. Here, you can download reports about printer usage, submit requests for supplies, and get service when a device is acting up. You can also check tracking information to see the location of any supplies you ordered recently.

Interested in taking advantage of BCS’ managed print services? Contact us today to discuss a partnership.

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