Office Design Evolves Through Technology

Technology in the workplace is evolving at a record-breaking pace. Each year, new innovations help improve productivity and make it easier for companies to save money. Compared to how things were decades ago, office environments have changed quite a bit. But how exactly did technology affect the workplace?

Continue reading to see how advances in technology have shaped the modern workplace into what it is today.

Communication is Much Easier

Improved Communication at the Workplace

One of the biggest things about technology is how it changed the way we communicate with others. In the past, communication was limited, so companies would give more focus to local partners. With the creation of emails and messaging services, people can communicate with others who are thousands of miles away.

Thanks to programs like Skype and GoToMeeting, office workers can hold meetings with clients at any time. Now we can speak to them face to face with few hassles. With smartphones, we can get on a call with someone in a matter of seconds.

With these advances, businesses can work with partners from across the country, and reach new clients in the process. In the modern business climate, distance is rarely something to worry about.

Technology Bolsters Productivity

Typing on black computer keyboard

Technology has also helped office workers become more productive. With project management services like Podio, office workers can check the progress of a project at any time. These services keep projects from getting held up, and ensure they move along at an efficient pace. If the project is falling behind, it is easy to see who needs to pick things up.

In addition, we have easy access to helpful information online. Before, people would have to do research at the library if they got stuck on a particular topic. With the power of the internet, workers can reach out to experts at any time.

Password managers also help in this area, as they reduce the amount of time workers spend logging on to programs. With the current tools at our disposal, people can keep working at an efficient pace.

You Can Keep Working, Even Out of the Office

Woman Working Remotely Writing in Notebook in Front of a Computer

In the past, if you could not make it into the office, it would be easy for projects to fall behind. And when projects fall too far behind, companies could lose a decent amount of money. Thanks to laptops and cloud services, employees now have the ability to work from home.

Dealing with car trouble and have no other way to make it out to the office? If you keep your documents on the cloud you can work on them at home, as long as you have a computer there. With instant messaging services, you can instantly reach out to your coworkers to see what is happening at the office.

With virtual conferencing, you do not have to worry about missing an important meeting with a client. Thanks to the latest innovations, the workplace is anywhere you need it to be.

Technology Saves You Money

Person Holding Hundred Dollar Bills Fanned Out

Technology has also saved companies a lot of money in the long run, especially with paper consumption. Since workers can keep documents on the cloud and email them, we do not have to print them out all the time. This reduces the amount of paper that needs to be printed, which reduces the amount of times we need to stock up on printer paper. Print management services are very helpful in this regard. Through these services, business partners can track data associated with the efficiency of your printers. Your partners can help you deal with potential printer problems, before they cost you too much money.

Technology keeps the workflow nice and smooth, which ultimately saves you money in the long term.

Enhanced Health & Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomic Office Chair on Wheels

It is important to remember that technology encompasses more than just computers and online programs. Other forms of tech have also had a positive impact on health in the workplace. In particular, advances in technology have led to the creation of ergonomic office furniture. Now there is a much bigger focus on workplace ergonomics in the modern work climate.

Today, ergonomic chairs and sit-stand workstations are commonplace in offices around the country. Besides furniture, employees now have easy access to other tools that can help them stay healthy. Employee health has never been easier to maintain.

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