We Offer Fast & Easy Online Ordering

Our powerful online procurement system is easy to use and has robust features that help you manage purchases across the organization. It’s extremely flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We can even co-brand the site for your organization.

We have extensive control and features that enable you to set and adjust purchasing limits by department or buyer. Plus, we can build in the enforcement of corporate buying initiatives (e.g., green products, price products, favored or contract brand purchases).

Extensive Control Features

  • Adjustable authorized limits by buyer, department & Office
  • Built-in support for corporate purchasing initiatives & compliance
  • Systematic consistency and transparency in pricing
  • Robust reporting capabilities

Productivity Enhancing Features

  • Favorites & reorder lists to save buyers time
  • Purchasing history puts information at your fingertips
  • New hire lists to streamline purchasing

Easy to Use

  • Accurate search functionality
  • User-friendly interface for buyers
  • Intuitive reporting features for managers & purchasing team

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