Help Your Business by Helping Your Community

When you buy from a local business, it keeps money and jobs in your community and helps your local economy thrive. When you buy your office products with Big Cat Solutions, there is a more direct benefit that you’ll receive. No other supplier will work as hard to provide your organization and all its locations with the total commitment that we will. We understand that your 100% satisfaction is crucial to our success as a local company.

Studies Show the Power of Buying Local

A Civic Economics study in San Francisco found that if local businesses increased market share by just 10%, it could generate an annual economic impact of nearly 200 million and create 1,300 jobs with more than $70 million in payroll.*

Buying from locally owned businesses helps keep jobs in the community, and helps reduce the carbon emissions responsible for climate change. 

Buying from businesses in the community means a higher percentage of dollars spent stay and recirculates in the community.

Having locally owned businesses keeps communities thriving.

Why Buy Local with Big Cat Solutions?

At BCS, you have a partner-based relationship that guarantees you access to everyone in our organization from our customer service representatives and delivery personnel to the Director of Sales and the owners of the company. Accountability means you will always get the answers you need and total transparency in pricing and policies across the board – no getting lost in a corporate shuffle.

Personalized value for your business means we are flexible and able to adapt to your companies ever-changing needs, while delivering these needs with unbeatable, focused service and the best price possible. Such a combination of approaches can only exists with a local independently owned organization such as BCS.

We proudly serve:

Riverside, San Bernadino

Orange County

Los Angeles

Surrounding California areas

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