Ergonomic Chairs Lead to Productive Workdays

As an office employee, ergonomic furniture is important for your health. Most people work up to 40 hours a week, and most of that time is spent sitting down. The position you take while sitting puts stress to your spine, so it is important that you have an ergonomic chair to reduce the stress.

With a comfortable chair to sit on, you can avoid muscle strain, fatigue, and other health problems. But what makes some office chairs better than others? If you are browsing for ergonomic office chairs, use this guide to make the right purchase.

Find Chairs With Adjustable Heights

High Back, Black Chair on Wheels

One of the most important aspects of an office chair is its height. If you want to stay comfortable while you sit, your feet should rest flat on the floor. You have to find a chair that accommodates your height if you want to avoid muscle strain and other work-related injuries. The recommended height range is 16 to 21 from the floor, but this can differ for certain people.

Try to find a chair that lets you make quick height adjustments. That way, you can raise or lower the height of the chair if its standard height does not cut it for you. Look for a chair with a pneumatic lever, as it will be much easier to make height adjustments using one.

Adjustability is a key element for comfortable office chairs. Keep an eye out for models with parts that can be adjusted individually.

Backrests with Lumbar Support

You should spend time checking the backrests of the chairs you are browsing. Your spine has a natural curve to it, so it needs good support while you sit. A good backrest will support your back and keep you from hunching over your desk.

The best chairs have backrests that offer support to your lumbar region, or lower spine. Look for chairs with lumbar adjustment functionality so you can keep comfortable when you have to work long shifts.

You should also be able to recline your chair and lock its position in place. This will take a considerable amount of pressure off your spine and back. Try to look for a chair that allows you to recline at a slight angle of 100 degrees or 110 degrees.

Selecting the Best Material

Office Chair Made with Mesh Backing

Another important aspect of choosing an ergonomic chair is checking the material. Since you will be using this chair for prolonged periods of time, it should be made from materials you are comfortable using. Office chairs are made from a variety of materials, and here are some of our recommendations. 

Leather provides a strong cushion that will keep you comfortable as you sit down. Mesh is another popular choice, as it is a breathable material that helps you stay cool. Vinyl is also effective, since it is comfy and easy to clean.

Some other options to look out for include fabric, wood, and plastic.

Adjustable Armrests

You should also be looking for ergonomic office chairs that come with adjustable armrests. Armrests provide support for your arms while you sit at your desk. This reduces the amount of exertion you need to put in, and keeps you from straining your neck and shoulders.

You want the armrests to be adjustable so you can put them at a height that accommodates your own. If the armrests are too low down, using them will feel unnatural, and you will be dissuaded from using them. On the flip side, you need to put in more exertion when the armrests are too high, and this can hurt your shoulders.

Make sure you get a chair with adjustable armrests so you can set the height to your liking.

Swivel Chairs

Black, Leather, Swivel Chair that Rotates 360 Degrees

One more type of chair you should be keeping an eye out for is the swivel chair. Swivel functionality allows you to rotate your chair’s position without having to move it by hand. Since swivel chairs can rotate 360 degrees, they give you more control over your work environment.

A swivel chair can be a helpful asset if you have to reach out for supplies from a shelf behind you. Being able to rotate your chair will keep you from twisting your back every time you need to grab something.

Big Cat Solutions can help you find the perfect ergonomic office chair.