Have you ever walked into an office space and immediately felt like you took a step back in time? An office that is designed with beige old-fashioned cubicles, outdated office furniture, standardized office chairs or subpar décor can actually have a negative impact on the employees and the customers who enter. Today, a successful office space takes into consideration what everyday employees want to see when they come into work. Whether that be a homey, clean look or a more modernized layout that encourages teamwork and efficiency, there are options for every single workplace.

Big Cat Solutions works with clients to ensure they can create an office that they are proud to show off. With our interior design services, you will be able to bring your ideas to life. Not only can this boost productivity in the workplace, it creates a welcoming environment that makes employees comfortable and ready to conquer their work day.

Common Questions to Ask

When working to design the interior of your office space, especially if it’s a big area, the task at hand can often seem overwhelming. We are here to help you with that! To help you sort out your vision, here are a few questions we think business owners should ask themselves before they begin.

  • Do I want to encourage transparency and teamwork?
  • Do I want my office space to be open or closed?
  • Do I want to have private areas?
  • How much space do I really need to utilize?
  • Do I want my space to be flexible?
  • Do I want to encourage comradery?
  • Do we need a reception area/is it warm and welcoming?
  • Is there a breakroom space for employees to relax?

How We Turn Your Vision into a Reality

All of the questions above can be answered due to our computer aided drawing (CAD) software. CAD software allows us to sketch out your vision in order to create a concrete plan that is custom to you. Aside from that, CAD software lets us show you:

  • The balance between an open and closed space
  • 2D floor plans/3D drawings
  • The size and number of specific work areas
  • Product spec information
  • The best traffic and circulation patterns
  • The option for flexibility
  • Dedicated storage areas
  • Specific details like power outages & wiring
  • & much more!

Working with Big Cat Solutions means you’ll receive a beautiful office space tailored to you without the hassle and frustration of doing it alone. Allow our design experts and high-tech software to bring your office design goals to life.

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