Many employees are required to sit in their office chairs for eight hours or more a day. This means some people are sitting longer than they’re sleeping! Prolonged sitting or repetitive motions can cause medical problems which include weight gain, cardiovascular issues and heightened risk of diseases. That’s why Big Cat Solutions is dedicated to combat these problems and create a healthy and productive office space. Our ergonomic furniture and supplies are designed to support natural body functions and create a comfortable sit-stand workstation or office space. Thanks to trusted brands like Office Master, Ergotron, Humanscale, Goldtouch and Workrite Ergonomics, your body will be able to withstand long hours at your desk and you’ll be able to tackle your day! We can also help you install your new ergonomic furniture so you can stay focused on your work!

5 Proven Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

Health Benefits

An increase in employee productivity

An increase in employee engagement

A better safety culture in the workplace

An improved quality of work

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