How you design your office can really affect how productive your team is. With the right office space and the right supplies, your employees will feel inspired to work efficiently and creativel Offices like Google are famous for the collaborative workspace but some smaller companies do not have the luxury of space. We have some great tips that can truly inspire offices, both large and small, to grow their productivity.

1. Work with the right office layout

The layout of your office is a great place to start designing. If you do have the space for an open floor plan, you will have a lot of great options to move around furniture and offices. By not have cubicles or barriers between employees, this will allow people to work together and collaborate. However, offering smaller more intimate options for those who work better alone will allow people to have the quiet that they may need.
Office Layout

2. Let there be light

Allowing your employees to have natural light shine on them will make them happier and help them to become more creative. If your office does not have many windows, just make sure to not cover them and if the weather permits, open them up and let the sunshine in with some fresh air.
Natural Lighting

3. Make it comfortable

You want your employees to feel at ease in the office. If they are stressed, chances are their productivity levels will plummet. Adding a few extra comfy chairs or sofas will allow workers to really take a nice break from their work during the day and recharge their batteries. Pixar has no dress code for their employees. By not forcing people to wear business attire, you allow them to express themselves individually. In turn, they will be more inspired to continue working.
Make it Comfortable

4. Brighten up the place

Did you know that certain colors could increase productivity? In a study, workers in a blue room produced more, higher quality work. If blue doesn’t work for you, green is also a great choice. It evokes nature, which offers tranquility.
Brighten Up the Place

5. No assigned seating

If you allow your employees to sit wherever they want, it can actually improve how they will work. Some people need to sit at a desk while others work better on a couch. Furthermore, there may be an employee who needs to see lots of other people to inspire them. Someone may sit next to someone they had never met in the company and this could spark an amazing collaboration.
No Assigned Seating

6. Common Areas

Have a place where people can gather and sit in large groups. As we said, collaboration is an amazing way to inspire workers. Movable office furniture is also another great idea. This also allows for chance encounters where workers can bounce ideas off each other.
Common Areas

Need some help on planning your office design? We can help with your workplace design and help you increase office productivity.