1. The Hollywood Sign is in your backyard.

    Hollywood Sign
    Source: Instagram, @sliponmyknot

    And you hate when people visit you and make you go look at it.

  2. Flip-flops are a way of life.
    Flip Flops
    Source: tumblr, mikerugnetta

    You have a pair for every outfit including weddings. Totally appropriate.

  3. In-N-Out is part of your daily food group.

    In-n-Out Burger
    Source: Instagram, @allygata

    And you would never order off the regular menu. Animal style baby!

  4. Traffic is your middle name.
    Source: funnymemes.co

    It’s part of life and you still get road rage.

  5. Eating anything without an avocado is just wrong.

    Just no.

  6. You can ski, sail or surf.
    Source: flickr, broseakay

    Or you can do all three.

  7. You go to Disneyland on the reg.
    Source: tumblr, redheadonaroadtrip

    But you never ever go when the waits are longer then 20 minutes.

  8. You have never had a snow day.
    Snow Days

    But rain is the end of the world and then like no one remembers how to drive.

  9. Burritos can change your life.
    California Burrito
    Source: Google+, William Trinkle

    A bad burrito will ruin your day. Actually, your week.

  10. Takes more than an earthquake to shake us up.
    Source: http://www.quickmeme.com


  11. You are still tan in January.
    Tan in January
    Source: Instagram, @mdw_08

    In fact, what would you look like without a tan?

  12.  If the sun’s out, you’re at the beach.
    The Beach
    Source: Instagram, @kotabella

    And you find sand everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

  13. Chances are you moved out of state and everyone said that you’ll be back.
    Cali Forever!

    Source: Etsy, BubuRuby

    And they were right! So Cal love!