Workspace & Office Design Hacks for Organization & Productivity

Having an organized workspace is important if you want to stay productive at work. Clutter can stress you out, which can make it harder for you to stay focused. If you have trouble staying organized, do not fret. With a few DIY solutions you can declutter your workspace and improve your productivity levels.

Test out the following office organization hacks in your space time. 

Move Furniture & Adjust Your Layout

Furniture You Can Move to Adjust Your Office Layout

A great design tip for improving productivity is to move your office furniture around. You should be happy with the way your workspace is laid out if you want to stay productive. If you are not comfortable with your current layout, move your furniture and create a better one. Why keep everything the way it is if you are not happy? 

It might be wise to move your workspace closer to your coworkers. That way, you can get feedback on assignments and collaborate on bigger projects. Or, you could move your workspace closer to the window so you can get more natural light. Exposure to natural light can make you happier, and makes it easier to see in dimly lit rooms.

Set Up Keyboard Shortcuts

Set Shortcuts on Your Keyboard for Improved Productivity

If you are looking to save time while working on your assignments, you should practice keyboard shortcuts. By pressing a combination of keys, you can cut and paste text, take screenshots, and do other tasks much faster. This saves a lot of wasted time during work hours. 

To learn these shortcuts, make a reference guide containing the ones you need the most. Hang up this guide close by so you can refer to it until you get comfortable using the shortcuts.

Create a Makeshift Desktop Organizer

Mason Jars Used as Makeshift Pencil Containers

Do you have empty cans or an extra coffee mug lying around at home? Bring them into work and use them to store your office supplies and save space. Take an empty can and use it to hold your pens, pencils, and other writing instruments.

Better yet, take some empty glass jars and glue them together to build a makeshift desktop organizer. That way, you can store your pens, paper clips, and markers separately. Not only will this help you organize your workspace, it will help you get rid of clutter at home. 

With an organizer, you’ll be able to keep track of the supplies you need to keep productive.

Keep Papers Off Your Desk With Magnets

Sometimes you have to keep particular documents out so you can reference them. Having to pull them out each day can get annoying if you do not have a place to store them off your desk. A great way to rectify this issue is by hanging the documents up with magnets.

Hang a small magnetic board on the wall nearby, and stick the magnets to the documents so they hang up. If you have a steel filing cabinet close by, you can stick the documents to them as well. This keeps the papers off your desk, giving you more space to work with.

Unlike using thumbtacks, you do not have to worry about damaging a document when you need to pull it down.

Store Earbuds With Binder Clips

Use a Binder Clip to Store Your Earbuds During Meetings
Source: Fortune Web Marketing 

Earbuds are great to have at work, since they cancel out distracting sounds. When you go to meetings, however, you need a way to store them without getting them tangled up. Fortunately, you can create a makeshift storage system with just one binder clip!

Simply take the binder clip and attach it to one side of your desk. Slide the earbud jack through the clip, and wrap the wire around the metallic part. Once you come back from your meeting, you can slide the earbuds right off.

Do this to keep your earbuds from getting tangled up in your pocket.

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