In this brand new blog we will be featuring some of our favorite local companies here in Southern California. We continually try to support our local businesses.  For our first installment, we will have a spotlight on Wahoo’s Fish Taco, a family owned business that serves fresh and local food.

Name of Company: Wahoo’s Fish Taco

Address: 2855 Pullman Street

Santa Ana, CA 92705


Originally Based Out Of: Orange County, California

Wahoo's Fish Taco in Orange County, CA

Locations: There are over 60 Wahoo’s Fish Tacos located in California, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, Nebraska and Japan.

Services offered: Wahoo’s Fish Taco offers delicious and alternative food. The three brothers who started the company, Wing, Ed and Mingo, based their menu off their love of surf and food. The menu is a diverse blend of Mexican, Brazilian, and Asian with a Hawaiian feel.

Mission Statement:  The brothers grew up in a restaurant family. From a young age right after school they would help in their family’s restaurant. They are dedicated to serving fresh and amazing food.

Straight from Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s Mouth: The Wahoo brothers have really lived the American Dream. From a small apartment in Brazil to the success of over 60 Wahoo’s locations, Wing, Ed and Mingo all share a deep appreciation for their blessings and what they have been able to build together.

Jim’s Jargon: Simply put the food is awesome, I eat at Wahoo’s at least every week and no matter what I have on the menu I feel like I just ate real healthy which is important to me. Kalua Pig Bowl & of course their Fish Tacos are my favorites. They are serious about their service and the quality of the products that go into their food.

We have done business with Wahoo’s for over several years now, the people are fantastic from top to the bottom, I admire their involvement in the community and what they give back to our local economy. They put real value in relationship and for us at SourceOne that’s what we are all about. We wish them continued success!

Wahoo's Fish Tacos