With a new year, brings new office design trends. From collaborative spaces, to the infusion of technology, offices are becoming more advanced and flexible. There is an emphasis on employee health, wellness, and office productivity on workplace design. Below are the top design trends for this year to make sure your office remains productive and competitive.

Open, Collaborative Spaces

Open, Collaborative Spaces

The need for flexible and wide open spaces will become more and more pressing in 2016. The importance of interdepartmental communication and collaboration will rule, as competition increases. Creative thinking is indicative of collaborative spaces where employees can bounce ideas off one another. These types of spaces encourage the free flow of ideas, while giving employees a holistic perspective of the business operations.

Variety of Seating Areas & Options


A variety of different seating areas and options will be available for offices this year. Your seating areas and chairs should be flexible. There should be seating areas where employees can relax, work independently, and collaborate. It is advisable to add little nooks where employees can escape if independent work is needed. Lounge areas should be made available to allow them to change position throughout the day. A variety of these are considered office essentials for millennials.

There should be a variety of different seating options including loungers, couches, task chairs, and more. Loungers are ideal for independent work. These types of seating options offer employees superior comfort while bringing a little piece of home into the office. Task chairs with swivel and casters are also going to be a staple in office design, allowing mobility and flexibility when it comes to furniture configuration.



Innovative workstations featuring intelligent whiteboards and advanced videoconferencing cameras are just some technology that will become more prevalent in offices this year. In general, technology will be used in the office to make sharing ideas, presentations, and other content easier and more efficient. Employees will be able to access data and other information quicker, increasing workplace productivity while saving time. Technology helps companies with global locations connect more frequently and easily share ideas.

Designing for Health & Wellness is King

Fitness and Health

Employee focus in 2016 will have an imminent effect on office design. As employees spend time at the office, productivity is often threatened. Companies are beginning to implement physical activity and healthy eating into the office with yoga classes and fully stocked kitchens with healthy food options and water. The healthier employees are, the more productive they will be at work – companies are concerned and using this as a catalyst in improving workplace productivity.

Employers are bringing the comforts of home into the office to leave employees with higher morale. Amenities such as recreation rooms, board games, magazines, lounge areas, and more have been added to keep employees feeling relaxed throughout the workday.  Bringing nature inside is also going to be a design trend in the next year with plants, calming color choices, and outdoors elements.