Workplace Ergonomic Assessments Keep Your Office Safe & Healthy

Ergonomics play an important role in any office environment. Workers cannot be efficient with poor quality furniture, so you need to make sure your office furniture is comfortable to use. In order to ensure that your workers are comfortable and healthy, it would be wise to conduct an ergonomic assessment to identify potential problems and health risks.

Take a few minutes to learn about the purpose of these assessments, and see why you should consider setting one up.

1. The Purpose of Ergonomic Assessments

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During an ergonomic assessment, a specialist will come out to your office and evaluate the quality of its ergonomics. The specialist will review your entire office space, as well as several individual aspects, including furniture, working conditions, and the supplies workers have at their disposal. This is done to ensure that the ergonomics of the space are up to scratch.

More importantly, these assessments are done to identify significant design problems that could lead to health risks in the near future. If the evaluator notices something that could cause harm to employees over time, recommendations are made for improvements and fixes, and new ergonomic products are suggested. This allows business owners to learn more about their spaces, while also ensuring that workers stay healthy and efficient.

2. Why You Should Have an Ergonomic Assessment

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Ergonomic evaluations are important, since you can use them to identify health risks before they became a problem. Certain ergonomic design flaws are hard to spot, and some are only found after the employees start to suffer muscle strain, back pain, and other problems. Anyone who suffers from health issues as a result of poor office design can file worker compensation claims, and these can cost you lots of money, as well as your public image.

By learning how you can improve your office, you can make workers more efficient, which can lead to more profits for your company. In addition, these evaluations help you improve your relationship with your employees, since you are showing clear interest in their wellbeing. Even if you are confident in your workspace’s ergonomics, it never hurts to do an ergonomic assessment.

3. How Long Do They Take?

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The length of an office ergonomic assessment typically depends on the size of the office that is being evaluated. Some offices are small, and only have a staff of about twenty to thirty, while larger offices can have at least one hundred employees.

An evaluation can take anywhere from thirty minutes to just over an hour, based on how much ground needs to be covered. At the end of the assessment, a report will be given to the employer that details any major issues that need to be addressed. These evaluations should not take too much time out of your day, but be prepared to set aside some extra time if you have a bigger office.

4. How Much Do They Cost?

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The best thing about ergonomic assessments is that they are free to set up. The process of simply having someone come out to your office to review it will not cost you a single cent. Rather, the costs come from purchasing the ergonomic office furniture and equipment you need to improve the quality of your work environment. The only other time you have to pay extra is if you want to train your employees on how to use the new equipment.

Big Cat Solutions offers free local office assessments, so if you are close by consider reaching out to us. All you have to do is fill out our form, and one of our professionals will contact you to set up a date for the evaluation. By offering free evaluations, we can ensure that you do not have to pay extra just for the sake of identifying major health risks.

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