Stocking Up on Facility Supplies

If you want to run a respectable business, you need to make sure your workspace is clean and tidy. A clean workspace makes your company look professional, which in turn gives visitors and clients a good impression of your work ethic. In order to keep your space clean, you need to have a large supply of cleaning and janitorial supplies on standby. Read about the supplies you should pick up for your industry, and read until the end to see how you can save some money when you go shopping.

Janitorial Supplies You Must Have

Glad Garbage Bag

Companies go through janitorial supplies quicker than one would expect, so having a good amount of them is always advisable. When shopping for supplies, here are a few recommendations for any business:

Germs linger in almost every office space, so shop for plenty of disinfecting sprays and solutions to combat them. Your building also needs a waste receptacle, as well as plenty of garbage bags, so you can easily store trash and remove it at the end of the work week. Grab a vacuum and a broom too, so you can clear out dust and crumbs from your carpeted floors.

Bathroom supplies are also crucial, since you should try to keep your building’s restroom as clean as possible. Stock up on toilet cleaners and deodorizers to get rid of lingering stains and smells, and buy glass cleaner so you can wipe down any mirrors. Be sure to pick up a mop and some cleaning solutions too, since you will need them to wipe down the tiled floors.

Cleaning Offices & Commercial Spaces

Mopping Hardwood Floor

Depending on the industry you work in, you may need to stock up on a specific set of cleaning tools. Office buildings are different from restaurants, for example, and neither can be cleaned exactly the same way. The supplies detailed in the previous section are ideal for all work environments, but there are some that are best used in offices and other commercial spaces.

For example, air cleaners and purifiers are good to have in offices, since they can deal with contaminants floating through the air, which helps keep employees from getting sick. Illnesses spread quickly, especially during the cold and flu seasons, so keep your office packed with tissues for employees.

Lastly, purchase a hand duster so you pick up dust lingering on desks, shelves, and furniture around the office. If you let dust build up it can easily get into the air and set off someone’s allergies.

Cleaning Restaurants

Dawn Dish Detergent

Compared to offices, restaurants rely heavily on dish detergent, since the workers in the kitchen need to keep washing dishes throughout the day. Reusable latex and rubber gloves are necessary for washing dishes as well, since the washers do not want to leave smudges. Hand sanitizing wipes are especially important, since the cooks will want to keep their hands clean as they cook.

Grease is prevalent in any setting that involves handling food, so stock up on plenty of degreasers too. Finally, you will need plenty of 2-ply paper towels and disinfecting wipes so the cooks can wipe down their work areas and keep them germ-free. Cleanliness is important in any establishment that serves food, so make sure you have plenty of janitorial supplies for the work week.

Saving on Janitorial Supplies

Counting Money

Keeping a steady supply of janitorial supplies can be an expensive endeavor, but there are some ways you can save money. For example, shopping in bulk is a good way to save money on items you have an ongoing need for. Buying in bulk saves you money for every unit you purchase, and since you get more supplies in the process you reduce the amount of new orders you need to make.

Another smart decision to make while shopping is to search for the products you need that are available from different brands. Certain brands sell products that are just as good as the ones from more well-known companies, and can usually be found for cheaper prices. Search online for these cheaper products, and compare them with the ones you usually buy to see if the cheaper item is a welcome alternative.

Stocking up on cleaning supplies can take up a lot of your expenses, so try to do what you can to save some money in the process.

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