The Buy Local Advantage

The Buy Local Advantage

When you partner with a local office supplier, you will be prone to many advantages that big box stores can’t offer. Buying locally means supporting your community and receiving personalized services that cater to your specific needs. It also means keeping money and jobs in your community instead of outsourcing it to other places. In addition, with changes in the climate affecting the workplace, shopping locally helps benefit the environment. For all these reasons and more, it’s important to buy locally. See our top five reasons on why you should buy from your local supplier.

#1: The Needs of the Community Comes First

Working with a local office supplier means the needs of the community will always come first. Local suppliers will have the wellbeing of the community in mind because business success means community success as well. When local businesses are thriving, it will have a positive ripple effect that carries throughout the town. When a higher percentage of dollars are being spent, that money will recirculate and stay within the community. If local businesses aren’t being supported, it could leave both a social and economic void. When asked about our favorite stores, many of us choose a small local business because it’s different from the usual. It helps keep the character of the town intact and the community thriving as a result.

#2: Buying Local Creates New Jobs

When local businesses can stay afloat for long periods of time, the potential for growth and expansion is possible. This means an influx in jobs and other opportunities for employment. When a company is local, it will attract residents who want to work for it. Supporting your suppliers can create many opportunities for people in the surrounding community. When a local business grows, the community will grow with it. That’s why buying local is the perfect opportunity to keep jobs close to home.

#3: Access to Unique Products

When shopping at a brand name store, you usually know what to expect. No matter where the store is located, you will see the same variety of products scattered throughout. Shopping locally means having access to unique products you can’t always get. For example, at SourceOne, we have access to over 10,000 products in our catalog and over 100,000 items available through our solid supplier network. This means no matter what office supplies you’re looking for, chances are we have something that will work for you.

#4: Giving Back Through Community Involvement

Since many local stores rely on the community, they often get involved in any way they can. For example, at SourceOne, giving back to the community is something we take very seriously. This is why we donate our time and part of our proceeds to local organizations that are near and dear to us. Some of the local organizations we support are Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and City of Hope. In doing so, we hope that supporting these places will help better the community and those who live in it. Buying locally can help keep this cycle going for longer periods of time and is a good way for the entire community to benefit.

#5: Access to Personalized Services

Buying from a local supplier means having premier access to personalized services. Getting to know your local employees means creating a relationship that you can’t get at a big box store. Often times, buying locally allows you to create a partnership. This can mean getting discounts and having exceptional customer service right at your fingertips. Since the success of most of these businesses rely on good customer service, local suppliers can go the extra mile.


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