One of our main topics of discussion at Source One is office products. We talk about new products that have just hit the market, our all time favorites, and which ones we couldn’t imagine going about our day without. So you can imagine that we have come up with some creative ways to use office supplies including paper clip launchers and Post-it decorations. However, the following artists have taken office supply art to the next level with fine art that you may have a hard time believing are made primarily from office products.

Office Art

Source: flickr

From the creative mind of Luca Iaconi-Stewart comes an actual scale model of a Boeing 777 that is made completely from paper manila folders.

Caution Art


Street artist Mark Jenkins makes amazing works of art from ordinary packing tape. Each installation he does are on display outside so everyone from all walks of life are able to view his memorable pieces of art.

Push Pin Art

Source: Scary Ideas

Inspired by the colors seen all around India, this push pin art was actually used as an advertisement for a sale.

Post-it Note Art Bat


Artist Darren Hinton makes pretty neat art from mostly Post-it Notes and a few other office supplies like highlighters. Many pieces of art are of animals because his fond memories of watching nature documentaries with his father.

Coffe Stirrer Art


Artist Jonathan Brilliant does art installations across the country. Each installation made with coffee stirrers are put together without the use of any glue – each art piece holds together with only tension and compression.


If you are an aspiring artist or just want to add some color into your life, shop all of our office supplies and get creative.