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Chances are you have heard the phrase ‘buy local’ quite often. By supporting local businesses, you are stimulating the local economy. Here are reasons that you need to continue support local companies in Los Angeles.

    • When a local company decides to open up versus a big box company, they will support the community. Generally speaking, they hire architects, contractors, attorneys, advertising agencies, etc to help them build their business.


    • Furthermore, a local company will carry more locally sourced products than a big chain so this creates more jobs for local producers.


    • With a local business, they have the time to get to truly know their customers. You are not just another number. A local business owner has their life savings on the line and invested into their business. Therefore, they naturally look to the end product of their community.


    • Local business will serve on local business boards and charities. They will continue to give back to their community that supports them.
    • You can reduce your carbon footprint because a local business will deliver from a closer warehouse where as with big box companies, they will ship nationally and use more resources.


    • A local company will choose to stock office supplies based on what the local customers wants and needs rather than a national sales plan. Furthermore, you can save more because these companies will not be stocking office products.


  • The customer service with a local business is tailored to it’s customer’s needs. The representative knows it’s target customer on a more personal level.
Economic Growth


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