There’s nothing like feeling the sand between your toes and breathing in the salty air only found at the beach. Lucky for us, beach season is year round in Southern California. Bring the serene feeling of the beach and ocean inside your office space so that even when you’re stressed about meeting a deadline, you can look around and relax a little as if you were right on the beach.

Wall Color

Wall Color

The perfect beach wall color will set the mood for the room right from the start. Try a vibrant blue or turquoise to match the ever-changing colors of the ocean or beige to play off the color of sand. You can also stick to neutrals to ode to sand and hint at the ocean with your office accessories.

Surf’s Up

Surfs Up

Have an old surfboard you’re looking to get rid of? Before you do that, think again. Why not add it to your office space? There is nothing that screams “beach” better than a surfboard. Find an open spot and place it against the wall or hang it up. Give your surfboard a facelift by painting it with chalkboard paint. Now you can hang ten during your weekly staff meetings.

Desk Décor

Desk Decor

Create a subtler beach theme with desk décor. A creative pencil holder or an anchor sculpture can add a little something without being beach overload. Place items like this right on your desk so you can look at them while you do your work and be reminded of a better place.

Ariel’s Bookcase


Pay homage to Ariel, our favorite little mermaid, in a more sophisticated way with mermaid accents in your office bookcase. You don’t need a bookcase to enjoy this decoration, just open space on your desk or a floating shelf. Something like this can take your beach theme to the next level.

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