The search for the best burritos can be pinpointed to one location: SoCal. Among the many reasons why we love to live in SoCal, the borderlands can be thanked for Cali’s Mexican cuisine obsession. With California having just about 29,000 burrito selling establishments on Yelp, the burrito craze is obvious. For both locals and tourists, make the best of your time and learn where the hot spots are for the best burritos in SoCal.

La Azteca

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, La Azteca Tortilleria will catch the eye (or mouth) of any Burrito lover. Featured in LA Weekly & known for their famous homemade flour tortillas, this is a must stop location for all after enjoying some the best beaches in SoCal.

Senor Fish

Food critics agree that Senor Fish has been “an amazing experience in the heart of LA since 1988.” Now with more locations, including Pasadena & Laguna Beach, Senor Fish still maintains their rave reviews over 25 years later.

El Borreqo

It is no secret that Californians are the best critics when it comes to their Mexican food. Once again located in the sprawling southern California city of Los Angeles, along with their other hidden gems, El Borreqo de Oro is known for the size of their burritos and the even bigger flavor. They offer generous amounts of food in each order and most importantly, precut burritos.

El Zarape

This San Diego hole in the wall location flourishes with their famous burritos and delicious Mexican cookery. With burritos big in size and taste, homemade fajitas, and taco salad, El Zarape offers their customers bold flavors to suite all cravings. Of course we can’t forget that this location is also vegetarian and seafood-lover friendly.

Lucky Boy Drive In

Although different than the traditional black bean and rice burrito, Lucky Boy Drive-In takes breakfast burritos to the next level. Lucky Boy believes quality and quantity are important for keeping their customers happy and strive to keep their good name. Serving their famous burritos at all hours is just another plus to this Pasadena classic.

Al & Bea's

To the naked eye, this location may not seem like much other than your average burrito stand. However even with their simple menu, Al & Bea’s has been a well known neighborhood spot for over 50 years and are no stranger to admiring reviews.

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