If you’re in the market for an innovative and customizable whiteboard, then you’re in the market for a VividBoard. VividBoard offers a complete communication solution that will transform your ordinary office supplies. Started in 2002, VividBoard saw a need for change in the way traditional whiteboards were produced and used. After implanting images right to the whiteboard surface, custom VividBoards were then created. These boards are high quality and extremely beneficial where information needs to change, be displayed professionally and grab attention often.


The Classic VividBoard

The Classic Vividboard is durable, versatile and allows you to change information while still displaying your brand at all times. The surface is coated with a patented high gloss VividShield which guarantees a lifetime warranty. The specialized coating also makes the board easy to wipe clean without any fading or residue left behind. All pictures embedded on the boards are created with VividGraphics, a high impact process which provides the sharpest images. This means that the entire board can be written on, even the pictures. The endless array of creative options available makes the classic board the most popular item that Vividboard offers.


Available Options

Since VividBoard is completely customizable, you can design a board that caters specifically to your office needs. You can start by choosing which graphics make your brand come to life. Once designed, you can select one of five standard sizes. As always, if the sizes don’t fit your vision, the dimensions can be customizable. The finish of your board can either be framed or unframed.  The frames are available in the following options: aluminum, image trim, light oak, cherry oak, deco aurora and deco quest. The frame also allows the option for a magnetic surface. L-brackets and mirror hangers are included to ensure that installation is a breeze.


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