The Need for Ergonomic Office Furniture

According to, sitting at a desk all day can have long lasting and damaging effects to your body. Due to this information, the need for ergonomic furniture is on the rise. Having adjustable office furniture can positively influence your posture and health. In order to combat the strain standard office furniture could be putting on your body, outlined below are ways you can elevate your workstation and lower your discomfort.

Adjustable 3-Height Footrest


Adjustable 3 Height Footrest



Are your feet feeling restless after a long day at the office? This adjustable footrest is ready to adapt to your needs. This footrest is designed to support your feet while reducing back and leg discomfort. You can change its height and unlock it to allow back and forth rocking.

Precision Extended Height Swivel Stool


Precision Extended Height Swivel Stool



This swivel stool is made with deep cushions to maximize comfort, making it an ideal place for employees to sit. The stool is adjustable and comes with support legs to help ease pressure points. The user friendly controls make adjusting to any height convenient and easy. Its five-star base includes dual hooded casters.

Single Level Height-Adjustable Stand


Single Level Height Adjustable Stand



This adjustable stand raises any computer or monitor to the level you are most comfortable looking at. It is wide enough to fit most laptop designs and provides cable management controls to keep your wires organized. No more straining your neck looking at a computer screen, this stand can help ensure comfort all day long.

Height-Adjustable FDB AV Cart


Height Adjustable FDB AV Cart



Organize your needs on the go with this FDB AV Cart. This spacious cart offers enough room for a projector and document camera. The moveable shelf was designed to hold a laptop and any presentation materials you may need. It has lower cabinets for extra storage space and its steel body will keep all equipment cool. The height adjusts to fit your specific needs and provides easy mobility for professionals on the go.

WorkFit-T Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation


Workfit-T Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation



Tired of sitting in your office chair all day? This sit-stand workstation could be the answer to some of your needs. This workstation allows you to instantly move to sit or stand as you work. The hand break levers make transitioning the surface either higher or lower a breeze. It comes fully assembled and ready to use.


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