Breakroom Supplies That Are Easily Forgotten

When you are restocking your breakroom, there are some items that you know you need to pick up, like coffee supplies, snacks, and utensils. However, there are other supplies that are often overlooked, despite the fact they help keep the breakroom in order. Things like dish soap are necessities, but they are often forgotten about during the ordering process. Read up on some of these breakroom supplies, and make sure you do not forget about them when it is time to order new supplies. 

Sponges & Dish Soap

Ajax Dish Detergent

Lots of people eat in the breakroom each day, so keeping your dishware clean should be a top priority. Despite this, products like sponges and cleaning solutions are often bought for the bathroom only, and not the breakroom. Without cleaning supplies, your breakroom will become unsanitary, and the lingering germs on plates and metal utensils can make workers sick. 

Whenever you order breakroom supplies, make sure you buy bottles of dish soap in bulk so you do not have to keep restocking them. Leave the soap and sponges in a place where workers can find them so no one forgets to wash up after eating. Also, remember to wash and wring out your sponges when you are done using them so you can properly dispose of the grime or germs you pick up. 



The importance of napkins is often neglected, even outside the office environment. Napkins are necessary for good etiquette, since people use them to wipe their mouths after eating meals. Other people lay them on their laps to catch crumbs before they fall onto the floor so they do not have to be vacuumed up later. 

In the office, workers can lay snacks on napkins to keep desks or tables from getting dirty. They can also be used to dispose of any items you do not want to touch with your hands. Whether they are made from cloth or paper, napkins are needed to keep the breakroom tidy, and should not be neglected when you have to restock. 


Condiment Organizer

Plenty of people know that a breakroom stocked with healthy snacks is the key to keeping workers happy during the week. Despite this, condiments are often overlooked when employers are restocking their breakrooms. Some workers enjoy having salt, honey, peanut butter, and other condiments to go with their lunches, but some offices simply forget to pick them up. 

Other condiments, like sugar and cream, should also be purchased for the workers who like to have them with their morning coffee. You should also purchase a condiment organizer to so you can organize everything neatly. 

Condiments are not really necessary, but they are extremely helpful for keeping your workers satisfied. Just be sure to inquire about allergies in the office before you order certain condiments, like peanut butter. 

Water Coolers 

Water Cooler

Modern offices may focus more on supplying coffee for workers, but the classic water cooler should not be ignored. Workers need to stay hydrated, so you must be able to provide them with clean, purified drinking water. No one should have to drink tap water from the sink when there is nothing else to work with in the breakroom. 

Water coolers also remove the need for water bottles in the office, which can be beneficial to the environment. They are also great at getting workers to socialize, since people feel obligated to talk about certain topics as they gather around for a quick drink. If you do not have a water cooler in your breakroom right now, you should consider picking one up. 

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