Most people avoid touching obviously dirty things: garbage cans, toilets, etc. But what about things you touch everyday like a phone or computer? Do you think about who used it before you or before them? Here are nine things that you may not think are dirty but may just be grimier than the floor.

  1. Your Breakroom’s Water Cooler
  2. The spout that workers use to get hot/cold water from is rarely ever cleaned, I mean when is the last time you saw someone clean it? Once a week try disinfecting the spout in a bleach and water mixture.

    Water Cooler

  3. Your Keyboard
  4. A study showed that keyboards are actually dirtier than toilet seats — mental picture, right? During the experiment, scientists found traces of E. coli and staph.


  5. Filing Cabinets
  6. Think about how many people touch one filing cabinet in one day to access files. When cleaning the office, don’t forget to wipe down the handles.

    Filing Cabinets

  7. Telephone
  8. In today’s office, we are on and off our phones constantly. At the end of your work day, give your phone and headset a quick wipe down to keep germs at bay.


  9. Water Fountain Buttons
  10. Did you know that 62,000 to 2.7 million traces of bacteria per square have been found on water fountains?

    Water Fountain Buttons

  11. Computer Mice
  12. If you work on a computer, you touch your mouse thousands of times in a day. We absent-mindedly touch our nose or a file and then go right back to the mouse. Keep hand sanitizer handy for those in between times.

    Computer Mice

  13. Your Office Desk
  14. Recently the notable Dr. Charles P. Gerba and The Clorox Company did a test that showed an office desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. The reason being is that most of us eat lunch at our desk two to three times a week and around 25 percent don’t wash our hands before.

    Office Desk

  15. Coffee Machine
  16. Most coffee machines are cleaned but not cleaned thoroughly enough. Bacteria can grow quickly in moist, dark places like the water reservoir.

    Coffee Machine

  17. Office Supplies
  18. Pens get passed around in an office quite often. Most people don’t even realize they’re sharing their germs. When cleaning, don’t forget about those office supplies that you love.

Keep your Southern California office fully stocked with janitorial supplies that can disinfect and help keep germs away.

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