It’s Time to Take a Stand!

Employee Using a Sit-Stand Workstation

Are you tired of spending your work days sitting at your desk all day long? If so, a sit-stand workstation may be just the thing for you. Standing desks allow you the opportunity to stand up tall while working. This can help by instantly improving your workstation to make it more comfortable. Aside from these beneficial factors, there are many other reasons why a sit-stand desk could improve your work life. See below five more reasons why you need a sit-stand desk!

It Can Improve Posture

Do you ever find yourself slouching in your office chair? If you’re suffering from back or neck pain, improving your posture can help relieve these muscle strains. Since it’s hard to keep your back perfectly straight throughout the day, a sit-stand desk can help by immediately improving your posture. For this to work, you need to have your standing desk positioned so your computer screen is just above eye level and your shoulders are straight while looking ahead. This can help build your core muscles which will then help you have better posture at work.

Lowers Risk of Weight Gain

Many of us might have trouble laying off the breakroom snacks every so often. Though indulging occasionally is okay, when you are sedentary and sitting for most of the day, those extra pounds can sneak up on you. To avoid weight gain and run the risk of obesity, it’s important to get up and move around. A sit-stand desk allows you to do just that. You can burn more calories per day by simply standing opposed to sitting. Having a sit-stand desk is a good introduction to more physical activity while you are working in an office setting.

Improves Mood & Energy Levels

Standing desks are known to have an overall positive influence and wellbeing of the employees who use them. According to, a seven-week study was done that said participants who used standing desks experienced increased vigor and energy throughout a typical workday. When these same participants returned to their old work environment, their moods and energy levels reverted to how they were before they used a sit-stand desk. When energy and mood levels are increased, employees can do a better job at focusing on the tasks at hand.

Can Boost Productivity

When you spend more time per day standing, you increase blood flow to your brain and the rest of your body. From this act alone, you will be able to experience many other positive benefits. According to, a study from Texas A&M showed that standing up will increase productivity up to 46 percent. It also showed that after 60 days of using your sit-stand desk, you will continue to become more productive as time goes on. In a work environment, productivity is key. This added benefit alone can help both employers and employees in the workplace.

Decreases Headaches

Nothing can derail your productivity more at work than a crippling headache. Whether it be stress or tension, headaches can lead to a loss of concentration, eye strain and much more. Sit-standing desks help relieve the strain on your neck, shoulders, and back which can lead to less frequent and less intense headaches. The better your posture and the less strain you put on your body, the better your headaches can get over time.

Are you ready to start standing?

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