Covid-19 affects people differently. Some have little to no symptoms, which means that these carriers can spread the virus to others without knowing. The best way to detect if someone is possibly infected is by taking their temperature. With the right technology, you can safely take the temperature of everyone entering your workplace.

No-Contact, Handheld Infrared Thermometers

Take forehead temperatures quickly (1 second!) from a safe distance with these handheld thermometers. You can trust these FDA certified thermometers to give accurate readings within +/-0.4˚F. Should an individual have an elevated temperature, an alarm will sound on the device, altering the user that entry into the workplace must be denied.

Disposable Forehead Strips

An alternative to the handheld digital thermometer is disposable forehead thermometer strips. This type of temperature-taking is self-applying, meaning that your staff never has to come close to others.

Here’s how it works:

A person takes the strip, peels off the backing, and presses it to their forehead. Within 15 second, the strip will turn a color. Green indicates normal temperature, while red means that the person has a fever and should not be admitted into the area.

GoSafe Body Temperature & Facial Recognition Scanner

The GoSafe is one of the most impressive technologies born from the Covid-19 pandemic. Fully automated, the device takes temperature of individuals looking to enter a space. Like the forehead thermometers, it alerts staff members if a person has an elevated temperature. GoSafe also has face recognition technology and will deny entry to anyone not wearing a mask. If your business has several offices in the country, or even around the globe, your staff can monitor an entire system of GoSafe devices in real time no matter where they are in the world. This is no-contact protection of the future that your business can use today.

Watch this video to see demonstrations and learn more about GoSafe’s impressive features:

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