The threat of COVID-19 has left customers and employees feeling anxious about getting back to business. Where once a customer may have looked for a friendly reception desk upon entering an office, now, they expect to be greeted by a sanitizing station. Installing dispensers and using disposable sanitizers will help to make employees and customers feel safe and welcome in any business.

Sanitizers For Every Space

Branded/Custom Sanitizing Stations

Now, whenever someone enters or exits a building, they are using sanitizer. These dispensers are the first and last thing that potential customers see when they visit your business. Using custom dispensers at events and throughout indoor and outdoor spaces allows you to instantly connect with guests the moment they step inside your business and leave a lasting impression on their way out.

BCS disinfectant spray

Sanitizer Pumps

Employees will appreciate having their own, refillable sanitizer pump right on their desk. Every time they go to pick up their phone, write out an email or return from a meeting, they will be able to quickly and easily sanitize their hands. Instead of replacing each bottle when the sanitizer runs out, large, wholesale sized containers can be used to refill them.

Sanitizer On The Go

Pumping out hand sanitizer might feel fine in your home or on an individual desk, but sharing the pump of a traditional hand sanitizer bottle between multiple people feels unsafe right now. Disposable, personal sanitizer sachets or small, key-chain hand sanitizer bottles are useful alternatives for offices or common areas that need to be used by individuals from different households.

Sanitizer Wipes

COVID-19 changed cleanliness standards overnight. Don’t let your business fall behind. Using sanitizing wipes between each customer interaction will keep public-facing employees safe and show your customers that you care about them.

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

The last thing anyone wants to do right now is to touch a surface in a common area. Automatic dispensers allow people to safely access hand sanitizer without contaminating themselves. Small, table top dispensers can be placed outside the door for a quick blast of sanitizer before visitors enter, or larger dispensers can be mounted on walls. Either way, employees and customers will have access to hand sanitizer without fear of contamination.

BCS is dedicated to keeping employees safe and businesses open!

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