Now that businesses are reopening, employers must ensure that their staff is protected from infection at work. The office is a small place, and having the right supplies to protect staff members and coworkers is essential. BCS is here to support you and provide it all!


When your staff returns to the office, they’ll need the basic office supplies. But why settle for ordinary, when you can give them supplies that actually protect them from germs? Antimicrobial supplies will get the job done while preventing the growth of microorganisms on surfaces.

Janitorial Cleaning & Disinfecting Supplies 

As a business owner, you’ve always taken pride in how clean you keep your facility. Now, Covid-19 has leveled up the game. Trust the deep-cleaning, germ-killing power of these products to get the job done.

Personal Protection Equipment

Using personal protection equipment is the best practice for preventing the spread of germs and infection. According to the CDC wearing face masks is the best practice to prevent the infection in public spaces. Is your workplace in supply?

Protective Barriers

Social distancing is difficult in offices, but it can be done. With the right protective barriers, screens, and panels, you can make their individual workstations safe spaces. Just set up the best barriers for your business and work can continue as normal.

Like the big cats our name is inspired from,we protect our own.

It’s our mission to provide the local businesses of California with the essential supplies they need to keep their employees safe and healthy. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver it straight to you.

Request Your COVID Essential Supplies

We have curated COVID essentials products from various manufacturers and have more than one route to take to you get you what you need. We are here to help!