Schools and businesses are reopening, but Covid-19 still lingers. Give your students and staff the best protection against infection with barriers, screens, and dividers specifically designed for the job.

Barriers & Dividers for Workplaces

Students returning to the classroom aren’t the only ones who are at risk for contracting Covid-19. Professionals entering the workplace also need protection. Fortunately, BSC has the protective barriers to help keep them illness-free as well.

Acrylic Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panels

Ideal for small businesses, reception desks, collaborative team layouts, retail cashiers, and healthcare facilities, these highly durable panels are made to support social distancing. These barriers allow coworkers working in close proximity to one another to work safely by blocking airborne droplets carrying viruses and germs. The versatile design allows the wellness panels to be configured for sitting or standing workstations. They can also be combined to create L-shaped corner barriers or completely isolate a workstation by protecting the person from three sides.

Desk Privacy & Protective Screens

You can maximize privacy and minimize the risk of infection by using these 1-inch thick, 100% polyester barriers at your workstation. Easy to install, these noise-reducing screens are made to conform to any office layout. Aside from similar panels to the above, these come in two adjustable barriers designs:

  1. The Adjustable Width Desk Screen: Obtain 180˚ of privacy with width-adjustable panel to conform to any desk dimensions.
  2. The Concertina: Use this fully assembled panel to create a full-length barrier for a workstation. With its portable design, you can easily adjust its angles as needed to maximize protection and privacy.

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards protect your employees from more than just sneezes. They block airborne viruses from entering your workspace, so you can get your job done without worry. These barriers and sneeze guards are specifically designed to allow you to have safe interactions with coworkers, customers, clients and patients.

We understand that different jobs and workplaces have different needs and limitations. That’s why we carry an array of barrier options. Which are best for you?

Economy Sneeze Guards

  • Ideal for desks & conference rooms
  • Easy to clean, visually clear acrylic
  • Allows for professional, customer, patient interaction
  • Document access at bottom

Personal Safety Barrier

  • Durable ¼” clear acrylic
  • Perfect for desks, conference rooms, modular environments
  • Portable
  • Document access at bottom
  • Includes black acrylic feet to secure positioning
  • Easy to clean & disinfect

Four-Way Barrier

  • Creates a barrier & divided spaces
  • Allows for person-to-person interaction
  • Easy to clean
  • Secured with acrylic top & bottom disk
  • Made of clear, durable acrylic

E-Z Grip Sneeze Guard

  • Maximum visibility
  • Low-profile
  • Easy to clean
  • Use to extend cubicle surfaces to safe heights
  • Permanent or semi-permanent mounting options

Structurelite Sneeze Guard

  • Modern aesthetic
  • Rounded or square posts
  • Posts have satin aluminum finish
  • Easy to clean acrylic
  • Designed to fit any space

Ceiling Wire Suspension Kit Sneeze Guard

  • Fits in any space
  • Flexible barriers
  • Hardware & wires included
  • Clear, easy to clean acrylic panels sold separately (custom sizes available)

Drop Ceiling Wire Suspension Kit Sneeze Guard

  • Ideal for places that can’t have mounted barriers on surfaces
  • Great for open areas
  • Includes hardware & wires
  • Clear acrylic panels or rigid substrate sold separately (custom sizes available)

Barriers & Dividers for Schools

With so many children returning to school after long months of homeschooling, it’s imperative that they are given every safety precaution to prevent infection in the classroom. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to utilize desk guards and barriers to create safe, individual student workspaces.

School Desk Guards

These lightweight barriers are designed to fit perfectly within the dimensions of a standard school desk, and are easy to set up for students of all ages. Name strips at the top of the desk guards ensure that students will never accidentally sit in someone else’s space. Since these are made to withstand children (Velcro tabs hold the barriers in place) there won’t be any wobbling or falling over in the middle of a lesson. Clear panels on three sides have a two-fold purpose:

1. Students can clearly see the teacher and each other so lessons can continue on more or less as normal

2. They block airborne germs from entering the students’ individual spaces, reducing the chances of infection spreading.

Classroom Barriers

These impact-resistant polycarbonate barriers are excellent protection against Covid-19 and other germs for students. They stand upright without any need for adhesives, and are sturdy enough to withstand the rowdiest of classes. Totally clear, protective barriers allow students to see and engage with the teacher and lesson as normal.

These classroom barriers come in two styles:

1. Bent-Edge Barrier: These are the most durable design and are made to be compatible with standard school desks.

2. Hinged Barrier: These are adaptable to fit desks of unique shapes and collaborative formations. Their hinged design also allows them to fold up for compact storage.

BCS is dedicated to providing safe solutions to protect our students and workers against Covid-19. Barriers and dividers are the best way to continue working as normal under the circumstances, and we have them all!

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