Working from home can be difficult for those who’ve always been in the office. Since Covid-19, many employees have had to make the switch and several companies are considering making remote working the new norm. In light of this situation, many Americans find that they have to improve their home office. Don’t know where to start? From furniture to supplies, BCS has curated the essentials you need to do your best work from home.

See the many different styles and products below to get inspired for your new home office!

Home Office Furniture

The furniture you have in your home office directly impacts how well you focus, your productivity, and how you feel throughout the workday. Below, we show example of HON products to represent the different styles and functions of the best home office pieces.

(However, we do carry furniture from an array of manufacturers, and our team will gladly work with you to determine the best style for your home office.)

Compact & Classic Ergonomic Workstations

One of the most important but overlooked features of a home office is to incorporate ergonomics. Risers are an easy and immediate ergonomic solution because they afford you the option to stand while you work. Best of all, if you’re tight on home off space, sit-stand workstations are compact and fit just about anywhere!

Desktop Riser with Keyboard Tray

From kitchen counters to standard home office desks, desktop risers can turn any workspace into an ergonomic dream. Just put them on the surface of your workstation and raise and lower your computer with a simple lever.

Full Desk Riser with Dual Monitor Arm

Have more than one monitor? Then this is the desktop riser for you! Sturdy and reliable, this workstation is engineered to support two monitors at once while you raise it to standing level.

Height Adjustable Desk Base + Mahogany Worksurface

The very purpose of ergonomics is to be customizable, but you can take it a step further to complement your home décor. If you need a desk for your home office and want to incorporate ergonomics, then get two-in-one. This desk will raise and lower so your entire workstation is always at a level height for your needs. You can even choose the best worksurface color to customize it.

Simple & Sleek Style

Like the minimalist look? Then bring that aesthetic into your home office! The trick to sealing this style is to choose a desk that is simple. Open desks are the best for this look and allow you to add storage beneath, if you choose. These also make great bases for ergonomic desktop risers to maximize your home office setup.

Compact Workstation

Classic Table Desk

Sleek Build Table

Executive & Bold Space

If you work from home all year round, or are a company executive, you should invest in dedicating a room specifically for office space. These setups are specifically designed to maximize storage, organization, and exude professionalism. Depending on your needs and available space, you can get as creative as possible with the arrangement and office features.

Let these inspire you!

U-Shaped Executive Desk

Height Adjustable Executive Desk & Storage

The Executive Suite

Home Office Seating

When you’re sitting for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, you’re body is going to need the right kind of support. The ergonomic chair is a masterpiece of engineering, designed to keep you healthy while you work. You might be thinking, “I don’t want a stuffy office chair in my house.” You don’t have to! These chairs can be as stylish as you like, complementing your décor and still provide your body with all the support it needs.

Don’t believe us? Check out these beauties:

Cool & Classic Support

Comfort from Head to Toe

Stylish & Intelligent Engineering

Home Office Supplies

You can have all the best office furniture, but without the right supplies, you’re going to have some difficulty. By having these essential home office supplies on hand, you’ll set yourself up for productivity and success.

The Right Tech

Jot it Down


Get Organized

No matter where you work, you should have everything you need to do your best. Productivity and well being throughout the workday begins with the right home office furniture and supplies. Here at BCS we support businesses and employees alike, which is why if you need any of these essentials we’ll deliver them right to your door.

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