Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has long been used to protect employees from occupational hazards. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, these products have been used by the public at large to prevent the spread of infection. From the office to the home, germs go everywhere and can affect everyone. Here at BCS, we carry a variety PPE to keep both your staff and your family safe.

Face Coverings

According to the CDC, wearing a face covering is the most effective way to keep yourself and others safe from viral infection. With several designs for adults and children alike, you can find the best solution for yourself as well as your family and students.

Face Coverings For Adults

KN95 Protective Disposable Face Mask

3-Ply 3D Cotton Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops

Reusable Cooling Face Mask

Children’s Face Coverings

Children Size Full Color Sublimation Cooling Mask

Children Size Cotton Mask

Children Size 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask

Face Tubes/Gaiters

Full Color Sublimation Cooling Face Tube

Full Color Sublimation Multifunctional Protective Tube

Face Shields

Protective Face Shield

Goggle with Face Shield


Germs stop here. Sanitizers are designed to eliminate 99% of germs with a single use. By providing these products to your staff, you are taking your workplace safety and cleanliness to the next level.

2oz Gel Sanitizer

18.6oz Aloe Hand Sanitizer with Pump

8oz Gel Sanitizer with Pump

Gallon Gel Sanitizer

Branded/Custom Sanitizing Stations

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Wipes

Quick, easy, and disposable, disinfecting wipes are an efficient way to kill germs on workplace and school surfaces.

Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes

Multipurpose Alcohol Wipes

Other Protective Equipment

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have to employ the use of extra PPE to keep your staff safe from infection. These skin coverings will protect your staff, patients, and patrons from skin-contact infection.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Disposable Isolation Gown with Elastic Cuff

BCS is dedicated to the wellbeing of all workplace personnel. Whether you need gloves for food safety in restaurants or face masks for children in the classroom, we carry them all! Your protection from infection starts with PPE, and its procurement begins with BCS.

Want to keep your staff and loved ones safe from Covid-19?