At BCS, we look to the future while solving the problems of today. This is why we advocate for high quality cubicle systems that help your staff practice social distancing in the workplace, but can be reconfigured for maximum collaboration in a mask-free future. Your safety is our priority, and that’s why we also carry protective partitions that can accommodate any workstation.

The dynamics of your office are unique, and we have the solutions to match it. Discover your best fit below for a better Covid-19 workplace experience.

Cubicles & Workstations

How you arrange your cubicles and workstations will directly affect how well your staff is protected from Covid-19. It will also determine how well teams members can collaborate. Whatever you need to accomplish in the workplace, BCS has the solutions to make it happen. When you upgrade your cubicles, you are giving your employees a better working experience and investing in a coronavirus-free future.

Below, we feature solutions from HON, but we work with several other manufactures as well. Trust our designers to deliver the best workstation solutions for your needs.

The Versatile & Professional Option

Save yourself time and money with the cubicle solution that’s simply professional. Choose this solution for a look that’s always classic, but affords you the flexibility to adjust and rearrange, as you need. Want single workstations? No problem. Need a better collaborative set up for your staff? Say no more! This system does it all.

Maximize Workplace Space & Organization

With an array of drawers and storage options, this cubicle system doesn’t just create workstations—it brings the best of home comfort and professional style. With full storage capabilities, employees can stow their personal items out of sight and keep their work essentials close at hand. For total uniformity throughout the workplace, this system can make entire cubicle systems and stand alone as a private executive desk.

The Collaborative Option

This cubicle system is the best option for startups and businesses with an open-layout concept. By connecting to one another, these desks can be arranged in numerous ways to maximize your teams’ collaborative efforts. The sleek, minimalist design will look highly professional in any workplace environment. This desking solution is also great for mounting barriers and sneeze guards to protect your staff from Covid-19.

The Flexible Cubicle Solution

This workstation system is perhaps one of the easiest to install. This also means that it’s incredibly easy to rearrange! Its interchangeable frame and tiling system makes the design perfectly adaptable. You can get creative and configure it to meet any need: increasing staff, maximizing space, better collaboration, or to better private focus. If you’re workplace undergoes frequent changes, then this is the cubicle solution for you.

The Best For Privacy & Focus

Whether you have an open layout or you want to give your staff a better social distancing situation in the workplace, this is the system for you. Its core panel system can be easily arranged to fit any space, so you can adjust as needed. Best of all, the tall panels are the perfect barriers to improve privacy, focus, and protection from Covid-19.

Workspace Partitions

Whether you choose to stick with your current cubicle arrangement or update to a more versatile option, partitions are essential to preventing the spread of infection in the workplace. They act as barriers that block microscopic droplets carrying the coronavirus and other germs from entering an individual’s workstation.

Find the best options for your office workstations below.

Clear Mobile Divider

With this partition, once open workspaces can now have a temporary “door.” The wheels on the bottom of this long divider allow it to easily be moved to block entry into a person’s workstation. Made of durable plastic, these can be maneuvered around the office as needed and will continuously function as protective barriers. Custom sizes are available.

Attachable Desktop Protective Screen

Available in two different sizes, this protective screen attaches to workstation surfaces to block droplets from entering the space. These are particularly effective with open layout desking systems where employees’ workstations are connected or directly facing one another.

Freestanding Desktop Protective Screen

Like the attachable version, this protective screen comes in two sizes to fit most workplace desks. With its durable stainless steel feet, it rests securely on any desk, and is easily removed.

Protection of your employees is our priority. These essential workstation solutions are the key to their safety today and your business’ continued success.

If you require these or any other Covid-19 Essential Supplies, trust BSC to procure it all for you.