Working With Independent Sellers

Shopping for supplies for your business can cost a decent amount of money, especially when you have to shop for a large number of employees. While mainstream suppliers are reliable, sometimes their prices are too much for smaller companies to handle. When you partner with an independent seller like Big Cat Solutions, you can get quality service while saving a decent amount of money in the process. If you are interested in learning how, please continue reading.

Discounts on Frequently Bought Items

Sale Discounts

One of the biggest challenges for a major business is staying on budget. Some business owners who shop from larger brands have trouble doing this, since these retailers simply want to sell you products at their regular prices. Independent sellers like Big Cat Solutions, however, work with partners so they stay on budget.

Big Cat offers a potent discount system for products you order frequently so you can get what you need at reasonable prices. For example, if we see that you order copy paper often, you can get discounts on similar products in the future. Through this system, you can get all the supplies you need without overspending.

Making Necessary Adjustments

Depending on the state your company is in, staying on budget can be somewhat of a challenge. The business world is always fluctuating, and sometimes businesses have trouble making ends meet. This is why many independent sellers try to make adjustments to fit within price ranges you supply.

Through ongoing communication, independent sellers can get an in-depth look at your current financial situation. As the needs of your business change, independent sellers will make necessary adjustments so you get the best prices on the products you need to buy. This way, you get the best products possible without having to worry about going over budget.

Controlling Your Budget

Managing Finances

Many independent sellers also give you the tools you can use to control your budget. Big Cat Solutions offers its partners a detailed reporting system that can be used to quickly manage spending habits. You can use the tools available to manage all your recent purchases and set your budget over certain periods of time. You can even put down spending limits based on specific factors, including departments and manufacturers.

The team members at Big Cat Solutions also work as financial consultants, and we can help you keep your financial situation in order. If you wish to do so, you can work with our team of financial experts to identify any significant issues in your company’s spending habits. This way, you can correct yourself before you run into financial trouble.

Fast & Free Delivery

Packaging A Parcel

One major issue with shopping from popular brands online is that shipping is not always free. Many orders are already expensive, so when you add on a steep price for shipping you could end up losing a lot of money fast. This is not an issue if you decide to order from certain independent sellers, like Big Cat Solutions.

Through our online ordering system, you can have products delivered to your business for free. Thanks to the 31 warehouses we have across the nation, products will always be shipped to you in the most efficient way possible. By working with Big Cat Solutions, shipping costs will no longer be a problem for you.


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