Healthy Habits at the Workplace

When people bring up ergonomics in a discussion, they are typically talking about furniture. After all, utilizing comfy, ergonomic furniture in your workspace is crucial if you want to stay productive during work hours. However, you can also make adjustments to your daily routine and take advantage of healthier habits to be more ergonomic at work. Learn how you can adjust your workstyle to improve your overall health.

Get Up, Stretch, & Move

Walking Down Street

A good habit to get into at work is taking short breaks every hour to get up, stretch, and move around the office. When you sit down all day your muscles can start getting stiff, and this can lead to some significant health problems. Make it a habit to get up for a few minutes after finishing some of your work so you can stretch and loosen up your muscles.

Be sure to perform simple stretches during your break so you do not put extra strain on your legs or arms. When it is time to have lunch, walk outside, or at least walk into the breakroom if the weather is bad. Try going for a walk for about ten minutes each day so you can get some fresh air while you are at it.

Be Aware of Your Sitting Position

Sitting at Desk

An important part of having an ergonomic work routine is being aware of how you are sitting at your desk. If you are not keeping track of your posture while you sit you could strain your back and limbs, and this will harm both your productivity and your overall health. As you sit, keep your back straight, and remember to use your chair’s backrest to give yourself some extra support.

Keep your shoulders relaxed, and position your hands in a way that allows them to sit comfortably on your keyboard. In addition, sitting in one position can be tiring, so change your position around a bit to get more comfortable. Lastly, keep your feet planted on the floor, and do not leave them handing in the air.

Be aware of your posture, and make proper adjustments if you start to feel strain.

Drink More Water

Woman Drinking Water

Some office workers get so wrapped up in their assignments that they forget to drink throughout the day. It is important to drink plenty of water, because when you are hydrated your immune system stays strong and your skin condition improves. Failing to drink enough water not only causes dehydration, it also harms your musculoskeletal system.

Get up every once in a while, and get a drink of water from the breakroom, or bring in a bottle of water from home that you can refill. This also gives you an excuse to get up and take a break, which is quite helpful as mentioned previously. Drink plenty of water so you can keep your body and mind healthy as you work.

Use the Stairs, Not the Elevator

Woman Using Stairs

Are you used to using the elevator to get to your office each day? If so, you should consider using the stairs from time to time, even if your office is on one of the higher floors in the building. Taking more steps during the day can help you burn some calories and build up your leg muscles.

Try to take the stairs at least three days during the work week, and only take the elevator if you truly do not have the energy to use the stairs. It is a simple change to your morning routine, but it is one that can have a dramatic impact on your health if you stick to it.

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